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High Impact Leadership Development Consultant

Rev it Up! Consulting Group can show the power of forward-thinking and avoid barriers to success by building relevant and sustainable leadership principles.

Inspired by influential professional development and business coaching, Rev it Up! partnerships unlock the higher skill set of true leaders of people to move teams toward the same goal.

    Help leaders and management teams develop a common understanding of why processes fail, and goals go unmet

      Coach leaders the art of collaboration, open-mindedness, and mindfulness, to make sustainable and positive changes.

      Helping leaders learn by using proven data that yield tangible results in the workplace .  Go right to the bottom line with improved productivity that is measurable!

      If you are ready, Rev it Up! Consulting Group can start your sustainable business engine and make your smart business priorities achievable by a healthier workforce.

      Leadership Development

      Effective and Results Driven Leadership Development powered by:

      1. 30 years in corporate America 
      2. Bachelor of Science in Management
      3. Master of Business Administration
      4. Master Certification in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

      Make your smart business priorities achievable by a healthier workforce

      Business Coach

        One-on-one sessions is all about what you want to change or enhance in yourself, which ultimately impacts the business and how your team responds to you. What you envision and where you see yourself in the big picture is a powerful thing.  I can help you see what is possible!

      Life Coach

      As an accountability partner, I help move your goals forward, improve relationships, careers, and day-to-day life.  We collaborate on the path forward to help achieve your goals.  Don’t worry about what you want to undertake. Undertake what you want to succeed at!  Let’s work on that together!

      Speaking Engagement

      I customize  my speaking engagements for your business.  My topics motivate and inspire and  I love topics no one ever wants to talk about!  Want to make your team feel “revved up” and ready to go?  Book me for one of your events. 

      What Keeps You Up At Night?


      Leadership and Team Conflict


      Not Getting It All Done!


      Accountability Conversations


      Multigenerational Workforce


      How Do I Maximize My Workforce?

      Our post-pandemic workplace requires present and agile leaders.

      How do you, as a leader, stay relevant and more forward? I can help!

      How can your lead your teams can be a slippery slope,

      even in the best of circumstances.

      How you lead your teams can be a slippery slope, even in the best of circumstances. As you look for worthwhile partnerships to help navigate new pathways to success and engage distributed workforces and remote management, Rev It Up! can help. Offering prescriptive recommendations rather than cookie-cutter solutions. No one symptom has a specific fix. We will address the exact problems that are derailing and not just the symptoms.

      Balance Leadership – The Work vs. The People

      We’ve all heard the term “balanced” leadership, but what does that look like?

      • Understanding your people helps you change the results, and how you make that happen.
      • Helping your people know the “why” behind business decisions and building their business acumen
      • Celebrate the small wins…. every day!
      • Ignite their innovative spirit and embrace creativity.

      Changing behavior does change results. Whether your own or that of your teams.  Let’s work to discover how to keep the business side strong and keep your culture healthy and valued.

      My Journey

       I know the struggle. In my 25 years of leading diverse teams, I known great success,
      experienced, experienced painful disappointments, and endured unintended consequences. My corporate experience, education, and common sense helped to propel my passion for my second act. But the most valuable of all my educational endeavors is what I learned from my former employees, peers, leaders and mentors.

      Starting my business a few weeks before the whole world shut down let me in state of “what do I do now?” It was definitely a test of how much will your passion drive me. The pandemic forced me to change my business strategy and plan. Despite the many, many obstacles, my passion to help leaders develop their inner superpower kept me going. I also needed to be the example of what leaders do during adversity.

      Through it all, I have learned a valuable lesson – never give up on your dream, your passion
      and never give up on yourself!

      Books That Make Sense!

      The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

      No Ego by Cy Wakeman

      The Future Leader - 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed In The Next Decade by Jacob Morgan

      Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman

      Let’s Meet Up!

      We are working from our kitchens, home offices and patio tables. We are navigating remote
      workers, hybrid workers and workers that have returned to work. Many of these dynamics carry
      uncertainty on expectations and through it all, your companies depend on you.

      I realize that sustaining a healthy business in today’s landscape includes miles of unchartered
      territory. Those most equipped to navigate the twists and turns will survive and thrive. 
      Employee expectations are shifting. Like never before, leaders must create, lead, and manage
      amid significant uncertainty.

      For even the most experienced leaders, ongoing professional development is key to keeping
      your workforce relevant and engaged.

      Professional learning and coaching keep you relevant.  

      I know this terrain well. I invested 30 years in evolving corporate structures – from a front-line
      employee to a leader of leaders. I am boots to ground and thrive on addressing what keeps you
      awake at night.
      I understand the battle to maintain the balance of driving performance and keeping your
      workforce engaged and happy. I can help achieve this balance. That’s what I do.
      Together we can create a leadership development plan powered by relevance to help you ignite
      sustainable passion in your people and your leadership teams.
      My commitment is to stay with you every step of the way. I help businesses improve productivity
      to measure, value employees and create a healthy culture.
      Are you Ready? Let Rev it Up! Consulting Group restart your sustainable business engine and
      make your newest and smartest business priorities achievable by a workforce that’s healthier
      and happier!

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